Oh how I have missed you…

I know, I know…it’s been too long. I have been a terrible blogger, but I aim to make it my New Year’s Resolution to be better this year. Yeah, I know – it’s July. I am late on my resolution as well.

Speaking of late – I was thinking it would be a great idea for all of our bride’s to put together a last minute check list of reminder’s to help with some of those final details, so here it is:

1. Check in with your vendors – make sure you have all the details ironed out with the vendors. Finalize that menu and guest count, make a flower change for your MOH, pick out the perfect picture spot with your photographer.

2. Make final payment to your vendors – it’s too stressful to have to remember who you paid on your wedding day. And who would want to? Enjoy your moment. Get the checks out a few weeks in advance.

3. Create tip envelopes – have these prepared in advance, with names of the vendors and put the groom in charge of getting these delivered. Again, you are the queen today, you don’t need the added stress.

4. Pack for your honeymoon early – this is your time to enjoy being Mrs. Make sure you have everything you need ready to go including passports!

5. Have your wedding items in place prior to your wedding – bring A La Carte (alacarteparties.com) your favors, place cards, toasting glasses. We will take care of it all for you!

6. Create a day of schedule – A La Carte (alacarteparties.com) has some great samples and can help you work through all these planning details. It’s important to be organized!

7. Make your guests feel loved – I know, it’s all about you, right? But doing the right thing by your guests will create an atmosphere of love for your wedding. Welcome gifts are still in.

8. Nominate a gift caretaker – Someone who can grab all the gifts and cards. A La Carte (alacarteparties.com) will work with that person to ensure safe delivery.

9. Don’t go hungry – It is the moment of your life! Enjoy it, but don’t forget to eat (don’t worry, A La Carte won’t let you), eat a healthy breakfast and let us serve you the remainder of the day.

10. Pack an emergency kit – you never know when you will need a safety pin from a tear in your dress from kicking up your heels.

11. Baskets for the bathrooms – are a must. Share special toiletries for the guests. This says love!

12. Don’t forget to enjoy your day! It is about you, you are the queen – take advantage, breathe and enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to ask for anything you need or want. A La Carte (alacarteparties.com) is honored to be a part of this joyous moment in your life – we aim to make it shine!



Service, My Style…

I am often asked by brides “What is the best service to have at my wedding”. My response is always the same, “It is whatever service suites you.” Generally they want more information than that. I mean, what bride doesn’t? But in all seriousness, I truly mean what I say. The type of service you have shouldn’t be about budget (it isn’t all about money, you know, although don’t tell my husband that) it should be about the type of wedding you want, how you want to be treated, what type of statement you want to make.

There are many different service styles, which eventually we can chat about, but today I want to talk about one that is becoming increasingly popular and one of my favorites (well, they are all my favorites) – Hors d’oeuvres, commonly known as finger foods. And not just for an hour before the main meal is served, but, yes, you know where this is leading……AS the main meal. First, what is better than eating finger foods? I have always felt that lots of small foods I could eat with a napkin were totally comforting and fun. I still think that is true. But not only are they just fun, they can be totally elegant as well. Think of waiters dressed in pristine, crisp black and white uniforms passing Filet Mignon, Oysters Rockefeller, and Crab Cakes Remoulade. Accompanied by a raw bar with oysters, clams, being shucked right in front of your guests eyes. I love the idea of adding a touch of elegance and grace to a style that is notoriously known as casual.

Passed Hors d’oeuvres with a combination of some stations (buffet/Raw bar, Cheese/Cracker display etc) are perfect not only for weddings, but birthday parties, anniversaries, really any party. This style is for those who want to socialize more, mingle with your guests. For those of you who are social butterflies, I would swear by this service style. In fact, the butterfly that I am had this at my very own wedding.

And for fun (yes, there is the fun too ) serve a combination of sliders, lollipop macaroni and cheese, quiches, chicken fingers. There are so many combinations, I couldn’t possibly write them all.

So, remember all you brides, all you party throwers, no matter what service style you choose……make sure that you make the service match your own style. Let A La Carte Parties help you find yourself. Let A La Carte Parties help you find your style.

Stay tuned for my next blog on another Service Style.

Summer is Over…

My goodness, how have I let the entire summer get away from me without blogging? It sure has been a busy one with spending time with my family, a few family vacations (Martha’s Vineyard and Florida), lots of time with friends too! It has been a memorable summer, to say the least.

I have no doubt that Christmas will be here before a blink of an eye. My plan is no different than what I have done for the last 3 months…spend time with my family, take a few trips, spend time with my friends…watch my boys grow before my eyes. I plan to do all that and not cook one thing! I plan to have A La Carte Parties cater all my events, cook all my dinners, plan all my functions. I know they will do a fantastic job and I won’t have to think about it, won’t have to wash a dish, over think a menu, plan a dinner party. I am planning on leaving it all to them.

I get to do all the things I love……and leave the hard stuff to A La Carte Parties. I know they will take care of me…and make my event shine.

Customer Service

Recently I have been thinking a lot, “Can customer service really be dead?” I have always in some capacity worked in an industry where customer service is what you do. Even now, as a Project Manager, I think the best way to treat a client is how you want to be treated…like a princess! Doing everything they want, how they want it, delivering it with their expectations and even exceeding them. The way I work and what I do for them is as important as the product they get. Sometimes even more so. Building trust, respect and rapport can become how you are set apart from Joe Dude down the street.

To me, delivering great, exceptional customer service is so obvious. It so many times can solve a problem, so why doesn’t everybody do it? I have had three experiences in the last week that I have to think to some people, good customer service skills are completely, utterly foreign.

I’ll only bore you with one situation that still fires me up. The situation was with a popular cable company. To protect the innocent, all names have been changed! I found a discrepancy on my bill, so I called up Cable Company. They saw immediately the error of their ways and corrected my bill. How wonderful!! However, since I had them on the phone, and I pay a ridiculous amount each month, I figured I would ask them how I could save money. The girl on the phone happily obliged offering me a great savings of $50 on the package I currently have. $50! That is like a cute top and an accessory at AT Loft…sign me up. So, she transfers me over to the department who handles this (um, you mean, she just sold me something she can’t even help me with???) and of course, everyone knows where this is going…so then next Customer Service Rep tells me, that I am not eligible for the package. OY. I immediately said, I want to speak to a supervisor, after I stuttered and stammered about how could I be offered something I couldn’t have and now, of course, I want! She put me on hold…I waited – getting angrier and more upset every second that ticked by. She finally came back and said, “Yes, I talked to my supervisor and while I believe that you were offered this package (you sure better believe it, I just told you I was and I wouldn’t LIE), he agrees and we just can’t do anything for you.” Now, anyone who knows me knows I am not standing for this. It is principal now. HAHA. And why am I not getting to speak to the supervisor, I mean, I pay enough monthly to personally keep said Cable Company in business. I am a mother of two and I work at that, obviously I am asleep by 8pm with no time to watch any TV so I DVR everything. I have three DVR’s. But that is another story…Anyhow, to make a long story short after calling another provider, wanting to desperately switch (and I would have) except that Cable Company is the only company in the area to offer high speed internet, they finally acquiesced after speaking with the retention department. So I think I spent an entire afternoon wasting my time to get a discount that after 2 minutes on the phone with me, they should have given me to begin with. Sigh.

A La Carte Parties (www.alacarteparties.com) is committed to delivering unequaled customer service to their customers. Their food is not only delicious and killer to eat and beautifully presented, they take the time to listen and understand what their customer’s needs are. A La Carte Parties (www.alacartparties.com) offers solutions that deliver value and more importantly are customizable to meet the specific customer needs. Their goal is to ensure complete satisfaction of every customer, while offering professional and friendly service at affordable rates. A La Carte Parties (www.alacarteparties.com) delivers each and every time. Do you know how I know this? Because it is my husband’s business and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

Until next time.


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Main Entry: cha·os
Pronunciation: \kā-äs\

Function: noun

a: a state of utter confusion b: a confused mass or mixture

“A state of utter confusion” sometimes is completely how I would describe my life. Picture this: Dinner at the dining room table with family including in-laws and dogs who are yipping and begging for any food particles that haphazardly drop onto the floor. Jackson in his highchair throwing food to Fifi (our precious Yorkshire Terrier) saying “bye-bye” to anyone who will listen. In comes three of my sister in law’s friends to hang out and head to our Jacuzzi. Fegan (our crazy, yet loveable Malti-poo) trying to sink his teeth into any leg he can get to because he hates strangers, barking like there is no tomorrow. Our 4×2 kitchen (ok an exaggeration, but not by much. A state of the art – gourmet kitchen I do not have) gradually getting smaller and smaller with people, loud noises, food flying, dishes being passed, wine being drank. While fun, I would prefer quiet organization with a routine I am used to and look forward to everyday.

I don’t know why I am like this. I wouldn’t call it obsessive compulsive, I guess I would call it controlling. I like things the way I like them. In an environment and situation I created and am responsible for. Sometimes I wonder if this is possible at all with two small children, a husband and two small dogs. I think I was able to better manage these life events with only a husband and the dogs, but add to the equation the babies and all of the additional outside factors and enter in chaos.

I think that might be why I am good at my job. I like the details and controlling the details. I think that may be why I like party planning. You have a vision, you detail the vision, you document the vision in a list(s), you take care of the details and you implement. It takes more of a visionary, an artist to plan a party, but it feels like the same controlled process to me. And the result is the same…delivering a success.

I like to plan a party, make my lists and hand of some of the tasks to A La Carte Parties (alacarteparties.com). First I know that I can trust they will understand my needs and what I am looking for and I know they will get the job done. While I still have my Project Manager hat on and I am still checking in with them often, ensuring they are doing their part of the bargain, I know in the end, the party will be a success because I used their services and they listen and know what to do. Whether it is something simple such as decorating or catering (I say simple, but in general, that isn’t a simple task) to the hardcore stuff like finding me a place to host the event, white glove service, a photographer, a DJ or other types of entertainment (last time I asked them to find me a children’s singer and they found someone awesome!!) when I hand over things to A La Carte Parties (alacarteparties.com), I expect results and excellent ones at that. And I have no fear; they will deliver – each and every time.

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