Mother’s Day!

This is my first official blog. My husband came to me a few days ago and said, “Hey, I have a great idea you could do to promote my catering business A La Carte Parties ( , write a blog.” My first thoughts were, yeah right…on top of raising your children, cleaning the house, doing the laundry (well, my mom – the nanny – actually does that) and working, as if I have time to write a blog.

I don’t know anything about blogging, but after the day I had today, I thought, hell, I might as well write about things and if something I have to say has to do with his catering business A La Carte Parties (, it is win/win.

Speaking of mom’s, Mother’s day is coming up fast (honey, please don’t forget!!). Being a mom has to be one of the hardest, challenging, most wonderful things I have ever done or been given the gift to do so. I have two small boys (very small – Jackson is 14 months and Alexander is 4 months). Crazy, right? Well, it certainly wasn’t planned, but I couldn’t be luckier. I see my babies and my eyes fill up with so much love, amazement and, in truth, wonder on how I got here. Or how I do it now 🙂 I think all mom’s probably have those same thoughts. I really have it easier than most. While my children are small, I have so much help from our family. My mom takes care of the boys when I work and my husband’s mom wants them all the time. Every weekend Jackson goes to have a sleep over on Saturday night with his Grandma. They adore him.

So with all the help I have, you would think that every time I threw a party…and there are so many…I could whip up a gourmet meal, right! Having children I feel like there is a party every other month. Baby showers, Christening’s, First Birthday Parties. Then there is Holiday’s…Easter, Mother’s Day (LOL), Fourth of July. All I really want to do is make a mojito and kick my feet up. That is one thing I can say I honestly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about A La Carte Parties (…the food is fantastic and I don’t have to do a thing 🙂 Aside from catering my larger parties (oh, and believe me, my husband is Portuguese so if you think a one year old’s birthday can’t be large try it out for 130 people. And yes, I said for Jackson’s FIRST birthday!) A La Carte Parties ( caters my home events also. A work Christmas party, a fundraising event serving passed appetizers, trays of food for Easter.

Having a caterer ( food to my house or cook it at my house for a great price, me not having to do any work or clean couldn’t make me, as a mother, any happier. And a happy mom is a great mom. A happy wife…a happy life 🙂

So, to all you mom’s out there….Have a fantastic Mother’s Day! Do something for yourself. You deserve it. And if you kid’s or your husband’s forget…Remind them. YOU DESERVE IT.