Main Entry: cha·os
Pronunciation: \kā-äs\

Function: noun

a: a state of utter confusion b: a confused mass or mixture

“A state of utter confusion” sometimes is completely how I would describe my life. Picture this: Dinner at the dining room table with family including in-laws and dogs who are yipping and begging for any food particles that haphazardly drop onto the floor. Jackson in his highchair throwing food to Fifi (our precious Yorkshire Terrier) saying “bye-bye” to anyone who will listen. In comes three of my sister in law’s friends to hang out and head to our Jacuzzi. Fegan (our crazy, yet loveable Malti-poo) trying to sink his teeth into any leg he can get to because he hates strangers, barking like there is no tomorrow. Our 4×2 kitchen (ok an exaggeration, but not by much. A state of the art – gourmet kitchen I do not have) gradually getting smaller and smaller with people, loud noises, food flying, dishes being passed, wine being drank. While fun, I would prefer quiet organization with a routine I am used to and look forward to everyday.

I don’t know why I am like this. I wouldn’t call it obsessive compulsive, I guess I would call it controlling. I like things the way I like them. In an environment and situation I created and am responsible for. Sometimes I wonder if this is possible at all with two small children, a husband and two small dogs. I think I was able to better manage these life events with only a husband and the dogs, but add to the equation the babies and all of the additional outside factors and enter in chaos.

I think that might be why I am good at my job. I like the details and controlling the details. I think that may be why I like party planning. You have a vision, you detail the vision, you document the vision in a list(s), you take care of the details and you implement. It takes more of a visionary, an artist to plan a party, but it feels like the same controlled process to me. And the result is the same…delivering a success.

I like to plan a party, make my lists and hand of some of the tasks to A La Carte Parties ( First I know that I can trust they will understand my needs and what I am looking for and I know they will get the job done. While I still have my Project Manager hat on and I am still checking in with them often, ensuring they are doing their part of the bargain, I know in the end, the party will be a success because I used their services and they listen and know what to do. Whether it is something simple such as decorating or catering (I say simple, but in general, that isn’t a simple task) to the hardcore stuff like finding me a place to host the event, white glove service, a photographer, a DJ or other types of entertainment (last time I asked them to find me a children’s singer and they found someone awesome!!) when I hand over things to A La Carte Parties (, I expect results and excellent ones at that. And I have no fear; they will deliver – each and every time.

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