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Recently I have been thinking a lot, “Can customer service really be dead?” I have always in some capacity worked in an industry where customer service is what you do. Even now, as a Project Manager, I think the best way to treat a client is how you want to be treated…like a princess! Doing everything they want, how they want it, delivering it with their expectations and even exceeding them. The way I work and what I do for them is as important as the product they get. Sometimes even more so. Building trust, respect and rapport can become how you are set apart from Joe Dude down the street.

To me, delivering great, exceptional customer service is so obvious. It so many times can solve a problem, so why doesn’t everybody do it? I have had three experiences in the last week that I have to think to some people, good customer service skills are completely, utterly foreign.

I’ll only bore you with one situation that still fires me up. The situation was with a popular cable company. To protect the innocent, all names have been changed! I found a discrepancy on my bill, so I called up Cable Company. They saw immediately the error of their ways and corrected my bill. How wonderful!! However, since I had them on the phone, and I pay a ridiculous amount each month, I figured I would ask them how I could save money. The girl on the phone happily obliged offering me a great savings of $50 on the package I currently have. $50! That is like a cute top and an accessory at AT Loft…sign me up. So, she transfers me over to the department who handles this (um, you mean, she just sold me something she can’t even help me with???) and of course, everyone knows where this is going…so then next Customer Service Rep tells me, that I am not eligible for the package. OY. I immediately said, I want to speak to a supervisor, after I stuttered and stammered about how could I be offered something I couldn’t have and now, of course, I want! She put me on hold…I waited – getting angrier and more upset every second that ticked by. She finally came back and said, “Yes, I talked to my supervisor and while I believe that you were offered this package (you sure better believe it, I just told you I was and I wouldn’t LIE), he agrees and we just can’t do anything for you.” Now, anyone who knows me knows I am not standing for this. It is principal now. HAHA. And why am I not getting to speak to the supervisor, I mean, I pay enough monthly to personally keep said Cable Company in business. I am a mother of two and I work at that, obviously I am asleep by 8pm with no time to watch any TV so I DVR everything. I have three DVR’s. But that is another story…Anyhow, to make a long story short after calling another provider, wanting to desperately switch (and I would have) except that Cable Company is the only company in the area to offer high speed internet, they finally acquiesced after speaking with the retention department. So I think I spent an entire afternoon wasting my time to get a discount that after 2 minutes on the phone with me, they should have given me to begin with. Sigh.

A La Carte Parties ( is committed to delivering unequaled customer service to their customers. Their food is not only delicious and killer to eat and beautifully presented, they take the time to listen and understand what their customer’s needs are. A La Carte Parties ( offers solutions that deliver value and more importantly are customizable to meet the specific customer needs. Their goal is to ensure complete satisfaction of every customer, while offering professional and friendly service at affordable rates. A La Carte Parties ( delivers each and every time. Do you know how I know this? Because it is my husband’s business and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

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