I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake….

I have been to a lot of weddings and one of the most important elements to having a good reception (in my mind, at least) is the music.  I know…you thought I’d say food.  Well, of course that is important, but by using A La Carte – we’ve got that covered!

One of my favorite parts of the reception is after the food is finished, the toasts are done and you and your guests kick back and get busy on the dance floor.  The vibes in the room totally change at the point where the guests are kicking back and totally celebrating and enjoying the newlyweds with songs of the distant past and today.

When selecting your DJ or Band, consider your audience – who is the crowed you are inviting?  Are they avid dancers, will they need some support in shaking their booties?  Do you want a lot of line dancing (my favorite!) Are you picking someone who is going to be able to read the crowd, know what to play and when, are they going to encourage your guests – are they going to be an amazing master of ceremony.  There are important traits you want your DJ/Bands to have specific to your needs, and you want to identify who can deliver.  Read reviews on your DJ, ask other brides…

There are three things I always remember from any wedding:

  1. How beautiful the bride was
  2. Was the food yumilicious
  3. Did my hips not lie?




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